Ofuro approach

prevention, management and reversal of disease

Ofuro approach

management and reversal of disease


Full analysis and testing

Chronic conditions are extremely complex and multi-factorial. Patient need help in different areas of expertise in a coordinated manner to successfully address their condition. At Ofuro we start with a complete analysis of the history of the person and the onset of symptoms, based on an extended functional medicine questionnaire. We look at existing test results and where needed we do additional functional lab testing.


Address all epigenetic regulation areas

We use a step-by-step plan to work on the different areas like nutrient deficiency, digestion & absorption, microbiome, detoxification, inflammation, stress and brain health. Lifestyle interventions in nutrition, stress, sleep and movement are fundamental to maximize positive therapy outcome.


Ongoing follow-up

As patient you need to be willing to change lifestyle behavior and keep track of your symptoms. At Ofuro we offer support in the form of coaching, workshops, tools and products to make this as easy as possible. As practitioners we commit to keep up with the latest science and use this knowledge & the patient’s feedback to finetune and adjust treatment options.

It is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest possible you.

Ann – Founder Ofuro


At Ofuro we want to help turning sickcare into healthcare by detecting suboptimal functioning early enough and making a difference in the outcome. We welcome everyone to get information and advise how to do this, to do preventative testing, participate at our workshops and lectures and obtain products and services in order to optimize their physical and mental health and wellbeing We offer nutrigenomic testing, glucose monitoring and functional testing as well as general check-ups for those who want to measure their status even if they don’t have clear symptoms.